What's there to do in Santa Barbara, CA? What are the annual Santa Barbara events and festivals? 

Welcome to Santa Barbara, CA, where an array of captivating experiences awaits. Delve into the realm of Santa Barbara events, concerts, festivals and uncover events in the heart of the Central Coast.

Discover the Essence of Santa Barbara Events

Nestled along the California coast, Santa Barbara, often lauded as the "American Riviera," beckons with its breathtaking vistas, cultural treasures, and vibrant community essence. Throughout the seasons, Santa Barbara's tapestry unfurls a diverse medley of events, festivals, and concerts that draw in both locals and wanderers alike. Whether you're a connoisseur of melodies, a culinary enthusiast, or a seeker of the unique Santa Barbara ambiance, the city has a tapestry woven with your desires.

Explore the Spectrum of Santa Barbara Events

Embark on a journey through the annual kaleidoscope of Santa Barbara events that have solidified the city as a must-visit destination. Below, a curated collection of Santa Barbara's finest events.

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Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Dates: Late January to Early February
Experience: An homage to cinematic brilliance, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival magnetizes cinephiles and industry mavens worldwide. Immerse yourself in screenings, engage in illuminating panel discussions, and partake in insightful Q&A sessions with visionary filmmakers. An indelible cinematic escapade awaits.

I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival

Dates: Memorial Day Weekend (late May)
Immerse: A celebration born from Italian tradition, the I Madonnari Street Painting Festival summons local artists to craft vivid chalk masterpieces on the pavement canvas. Witness the streets metamorphose into galleries of vibrant hues and intricate designs. Revel in live melodies, delectable bites, and a vivacious ambiance that salutes Santa Barbara's deep artistic roots.

Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration

Dates: Mid-June
Embrace: Welcome summer's advent with the Summer Solstice Celebration, a three-day symphony of creativity and wonder. The crowning jewel of the festivity is the exuberant parade featuring colossal puppets, elaborate costumes, and kaleidoscopic floats that traverse the avenues, conjuring a spellbinding spectacle for all ages.

Old Spanish Days Fiesta

Dates: Early August
Immerse: Immerse yourself in Santa Barbara's rich tapestry of history during the Old Spanish Days Fiesta. A week-long reverie honoring the city's Spanish heritage, this jubilation unites flamenco rhythms, rodeo revelry, and delectable traditional cuisine. Vibrant street gatherings pay tribute to California's early spirit.

Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Dates: Early March
Discover: Nature enthusiasts and exotic flora aficionados unite at the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show. This annual rendezvous presents an eclectic panorama of orchids from global locales, offering a singular opportunity to delve into the captivating world of these blooms and their cultivation.

Santa Barbara Vintners Festival

Dates: Late April
Savor: For oenophiles, Santa Barbara's Vintners Festival beckons. Sample an array of wines crafted by local vineyards, commune with vintners, and relish harmonious tunes and delectable epicurean pairings amidst the backdrop of rolling vineyards.

Santa Barbara Bowl Concert Series

Dates: All Year Round
Elevate: The iconic Santa Barbara Bowl, a scenic open-air amphitheater, sets the stage for an eclectic spectrum of concerts showcasing eminent musicians and bands. From rock rhythms to classical harmonies, this celestial venue offers an indelible concert encounter beneath the starlit canopy.

The Convergence of Santa Barbara's Celebrations

Santa Barbara's annual pageantry of events, festivals, and concerts converges to unveil a vibrant canvas that mirrors the city's cultural diversity, artistic finesse, and tight-knit community spirit. Whether your predilections gravitate towards cinema, art, music, or wine, Santa Barbara beckons with a year-round symphony of delights. Evoke enchantment, mark your calendars, and anticipate being ensnared by the festivities that define Santa Barbara as a truly exceptional haven along the American Riviera.

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Featured Event Venue, Santa Barbara Bowl. Find Santa Barbara Bowl Events.

The Santa Barbara Bowl, an amphitheater embracing 4,562 seats. From April's dawn to October's twilight, the bowl resonates with approximately 27 concerts, summoning echoes of popular music that envelop the Santa Barbara skyline.

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Captivating Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara rests gracefully as a coastal gem within Santa Barbara County, California. Positioned between the Pacific Ocean and the rising Santa Ynez Mountains, this sun-kissed haven boasts a Mediterranean climate, earning its moniker as the "American Riviera." With a population of approximately 91,196 as of 2014, Santa Barbara gleams as the county's second-largest city. The encompassing urban sphere, inclusive of Goleta, Carpinteria, and more, resonates with around 220,000 souls. The county's 2010 population tallied at 423,895.*

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Featured Event Venue in Santa Barbara

Behold the Santa Barbara Bowl, an amphitheater bedecked with 4,562 seats. From April's embrace to October's farewell, this venue resonates with the melodies of approximately 27 concerts per season. Orchestrated exclusively by Goldenvoice in Los Angeles, the SB Bowl resounds with a symphony of popular music concerts.


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Journey into Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara, a coastal gem in Santa Barbara County, California, awaits your exploration. Cradled between the Pacific Ocean and the ascending Santa Ynez Mountains, this sun-drenched haven revels in a Mediterranean climate. Garnering the epithet "American Riviera," Santa Barbara, with an estimated population of 91,196 as of 2014, claims its spot as the county's second-largest city. The broader urban panorama, encompassing Goleta, Carpinteria, and more, resonates with approximately 220,000 inhabitants. As of 2010, the county's population tallies at 423,895.

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