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Santa Barbara Bowl Scorpions concert

Santa Barbara Bowl Scorpions concert, copyright


Featured Santa Barbara area event venue:

Santa Barbara Bowl - The Santa Barbara Bowl is a 4,562-seat amphitheater. The bowl is open for concerts from approximately April through approximately October, with an average of about 27 concerts per season. Booked exclusively by Goldenvoice in Los Angeles, SB Bowl hosts primarily popular music concerts. 

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About the city of Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara is a coastal city in Santa Barbara County, California. Situated on a south-facing section of coastline, the longest such section on the West Coast of the United States. Santa Barbara city lies between the steeply rising Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Santa Barbara's climate is often described as Mediterranean, and the city has been promoted as the "American Riviera". As of 2014, the city had an estimated population of 91,196 - the second most populous city in the county after Santa Maria. The contiguous urban area, which includes the cities of Goleta and Carpinteria, along with the unincorporated regions of Isla Vista, Montecito, Mission Canyon, Hope Ranch, Summerland, and others, has an approximate population of 220,000. The population of the entire county in 2010 was 423,895. *

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* Source: Wikipedia under creative commons share-alike free use text license. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0.


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